How much does Dysport cost?

Dysport or botulinum toxin is used as an effective medicine for conditions such as cervical dystonia and unnatural frown lines in adults younger than 65 years. The active ingredients in the botulinum toxin Type A; the inactive ingredients are human albumin, lactose and sometimes cow’s milk protein. The list of ingredients is in no way cheap and therefore each Dysport injection costs a pretty amount. So, how much does Dysport cost?

Cervical dystonia or CD, as it is popularly known is the involuntary spasms of the head and neck muscles, thus distorting the head position and causing acute pain in the neck. Dysport injections are given in the specific muscles controlling the head and neck movements. The Dysport injection softens the muscles for a little over 16 weeks and lessens the abnormal spasms considerably. Patients suffering from CD relying on Dysport injections need to re-visit the clinics in four months’ time for the spasm-correcting dose.

Involuntary frowning is a distorted facial expression among many people and when it occurs in young faces it can be a cause for worry. A single Dysport injection can stop this frustrating expression for 4 months at a stretch before the person prone to unnecessary frowning needs another shot. The injection relaxes the facial muscles and restrains the muscles from knotting up to reveal the frown.

Dysport as cost effective treatment

Dysport is reported to be more cost effective than Botox. 60 units of Botox costs about $575 and covers nearly 3 years of medication. The first Dysport syringe of 75 units, which is as good as 30 units of Botox, costs $325 normally and the second syringe is priced at $225. The Dysport rebates by the manufacturer offers a $50 discount in the first syringe in Plano, Texas.

Dysport is FDA approved and the contents of each injection are more than that of Botox, which automatically brings down the cost of Dysport compared to Botox prices. A single injection of Dysport has 50-60 units compared to Botox single injection of about 20 units. However there are arguments to say that a patient needs more Dysport to get the same results as with less Botox.

How much does Dysport cost compared to Botox?

Botox was the ruling medication in the field of neuromodulators till Dysport appeared in the market. Botox injections were increasingly getting expensive every few months as per reports and the price increase naturally got passed on to the patients. With Dysport in the scene there is a lot of savings in the price for this therapeutic medication and it is deservedly being passed on to the patients. So, now the real question is “How much does dysport cost?

Dysport injections are aesthetic treatments, similar to Botox. However, Botox deals with frowns and knotting of muscles in facial expression, while Dysport helps to correct the spasms of the neck muscles as well as the facial muscles. The costs of Dysport injections are comparatively cheaper and the amount of units discharged with every syringe is higher than that of Botox injections.

The cost of both the neuromodular treatments also depends on the facilities from where the services are availed. Even though the actual injection price remains the same, it is the facility and the sophistication of the services provided that can enhance or reduce the final bill. It is always advised that one should check and be aware of the clinic providing the required service to come to a conclusion about the costs of the medication provided.

Dysport injections are not safe for patients allergic to its ingredients, to the cow’s milk protein, to Myobolic or Botox, or have infection of the skin in the injection area. The injection can also affect fetus if a woman is pregnant or has plans to become pregnant.Dysport No evidence is available about how Dysport can affect the fetus or the mother’s milk, so the precautions are vital. People who take medicines for cold or allergy and take sleeping pills also require consulting the doctor before taking Dysport injections.

The costs are reduced if the doctor advises so and you require either higher or lower doses of the Dysport units. Moreover, the dosage may change according to your needs and requirements, thus affecting your costs. Nevertheless, this is an exclusive and expensive treatment with amazing results.

Dysport rebate programs come in different programs like “Love it or leave it” that gives the patient a discount of $75. The patient still gets back the amount if he or she prefers to go back to Botox treatments. Isn’t that enough proof to guarantee the product’s genuineness?

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